Friday, February 17, 2012

YouTube's impact on media industry (may be just music industry)

YouTube is becoming an increasingly popular media technology that has played a significant role in how the music (media) industry functions. Advertisers have caught up to this technology where they have put themselves out here as well. YouTube ads show how advertisements in YouTube is one additional way with which businesses can reach out to more audience (potential customers). It has also provided additional ways in which artists/other celebrities have been found. This Wikipedia page (not a highly reliable source but just a starting point) demonstrates the number of people who have become stars due to YouTube.

I want to study YouTube’s impact on the media industry (may be focus on just the music industry). There are a few questions that I want to explore/find answers to start understanding the Youtube technology:

· What led to this concept of YouTube?

o Technological advances that made YouTube possible

o Changes in ways that music is being consumed

Some of the other questions that I want to explore throughout the project to truly understand the impact of YouTube on the media industry -

How has it changed the media industry?

  • · What regulatory practices?
  • · Changes in practices of advertising companies
  • · The way they function in the new digital era
  • · How has it forced them to change their way of functioning?
  • · Changes in the practices of record label companies/business enterprises.
  • · Changes in the practices of artists
  • · Changes in the practices of the consumers
  • · Piracy issues that comes with Youtube.
  • · How has it changed(increased) audience for music(video/music video) audience
  • · How has it affected the ownership of music?
  • · Does it have any impact in the quality of music?
  • Future of YouTube's role in the media (music) industry


  1. Have you thought about looking at the links to purchase in the caption of the song. Most of the songs on youtube have a link to purchase them on itunes or amazon. Has this affected the sales of these songs while increasing their audience?

  2. I think it could be cool if you looked at a couple particular cases of stars whose careers had sparked from a video uploaded to YouTube. It would be interesting to look at someone like Justin Beiber (I have Beiber Fever), who totally blew up because of YouTube, and how the technology in his life have led to his success. Also, possibly looking into how artists feel about their music being sung on YouTube.

  3. I think it could also be helpful to look at how songs are regulated in terms of advertisements on a specific video. The "official" music video for a song is oftentimes featured by vevo, and also forces the viewer to watch a quick advertisement before the song is played. However, fan videos often download the song, and play it accompanied by lyrics on the screen that don't force the listener to endure a quick ad. It may be beneficial to analyze how vevo is attempting to curb this problem, and why only certain songs appear on their platform. Many times, older songs are not featured with an advertisement. Just an idea, but sounds like a great topic!

  4. Perhaps you could focus specifically on how it transformed the music industry, both in promoting new artists and preserving the works of older artists. How have record labels exercised their muscle in order to control the representation of their music? How have new artists emerged from the pages of youtube? You can look at Justin Bieber or OK GO as examples.