Thursday, February 16, 2012

Topic Proposal: Target Advertising on Facebook

For my topic proposal I want to explore the rise in popularity of digital advertisements, specifically targeted advertisements. Digital advertisements are estimated to pass all other forms of advertisements in revenue by 2016 and continue to adapt to new technological platforms. The optimization of digital advertising is allowing for advertisements to only specifically target those of interest. These ads can be seen on Facebook, mobile applications and Google and are continuing to gain popularity amongst advertisers. Directly targeting consumers based on their past internet use and the information they share, advertisers can now be selective in advertising to those who will engage with their product. I will analyze the specific use on Facebook and the economic and technological conditions that have allowed for the target advertising on the website.
                  In order to analyze the increasing preference of digital advertisements amongst advertisers, I will look at the technological conditions that have allowed for targeted advertisements online and on digital devices. In addition I will consider the economic implications of having advertisements that target only those who fill specific criteria as consumers. In addition to the technological and economic conditions, I will also look at the increasing focus on the accusations against these digital advertisements and the invasion of privacy that occurs. For advertisers, the digital ads allow for advertisements that are reaching those direct targeted audiences. However, for audiences the increasing tracking of cookies and online searches to specifically target individuals is seen as an internet privacy concern.  


  1. Genesis, I think this is a fabulous research topic!! I love that you are not just looking at technologic and economic conditions but also looking into the privacy issue. These two website could be helpful. The first website is about the rules for putting ads on facebook. The other website is about facebook ads and how ad companies can get us users to click!!

  2. Even though you are focusing on how these ads came to fruition, I think it would be fascinating to include the raw data on the success of these ads in your paper. Obviously, the rise of these advertisements show a plan that is clearly experiencing success. I feel like including the revenue gain of Facebook from allowing these suitors to advertise would really help nail down some of your points on why the Facebook team is allowing these ads to continue. Sounds like a great topic!

  3. Very interesting Genesis and a very good point Braden. In 2009, twelve large advertising networks compiled their data and discovered that targeted advertising rewarded over twice as much revenue as non-targeted ads and that viewers that visited the website of the advertised product purchased the good two times as much as when the ad was not targeted at them. Here is an article that breaks down the study that these facts were obtained from:

    It sounds like you will be focusing on Facebook for your project so one thing you could look at is why target advertising is more effective. One area you could look at is how Facebook targets certain users. Here is Facebook's explanation of how they target people, including location targeting, age and birthday targeting, interests targeting, education targeting, and connections targeting. To get a more in-depth explanation of these different types of targeting check out this page:

  4. Very interesting topic!

    There was an article recently I saw that discussed Target's attempts to specify their coupon mailings to individuals it would actually entice into the store. This including sending shoppers they believed to be pregnant, through purchases like non-scented lotion, coupons for baby supplies with surprising accuracy. They also would include non-related items so that their customers did not feel uncomfortable with the mailing, they would just assume every shopper received one.

    The article also links to the article 'How Companies Learn Your Secrets' and harles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. Hopefully one of these is helpful in the comparison to Facebook advertising.

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