Monday, February 13, 2012

Digital Download Still Number #1 NOT Streaming?

       On January 13, 2012 blogger Casey wrote about digital music downloading still being the number one way to listen to music. In a blog titled, The Times Are a Bit Slow in Changin'-Digital Music Sales Finally Become #1, Casey explains that even with audio streaming, a free option, listeners still pay to download. 2011 marked the highest digital music sales in a year according to Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard with over 100 million more digital sales then last year. Casey explains that two possible reasons why digital download could be up from last year include a rise in digital sales as well as a drop in a physical sale.  Although digital music has become the new trend, companies like Amazon are still trying to keep costumer base buying the physical CD. For example, Lady GaGa's album was only 40% digitally downloaded because Amazon sold the album for ninety-nine cents. The music market will continue to change as time goes on and companies are doing whatever it takes to make sure the artist gets paid, which  Casey points out in her blog. 

    Carly and Chris's presentation ties in very well with Casey's blog post. The concept of "ICloud" has allowed for digital downloads to be transferred from one device to another automatically. By purchasing this one song or album you have it forever. It seems though, that artists still want you to buy that "silver disk" by making deals with companies like Amazon. Casey's blog proves streaming music could one day become the new trend but in reality digital download is fair and worth the price. 

       I picked this article because I am more fond of listening to music streaming, therefore the title indicating that digital music is still number one surprised me. For me, the most interesting part of the blog was that artist like, Lady Gaga are making money off of the digital download but still want people to pay for the whole CD and not just download it.  After reading this blog, though, I agree with Casey that streaming may not be right now but it could be in the future.  Right now digital music is the new trend and it's still working people want to pay!

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