Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Would Have Thought That the Unheard Name of Danger Mouse had a connection to Modern Names like Girl Talk and Super Smash Bro's

Articles like the one we read on the emergence of a group like Danger Mouse and their album The Grey Album have a lot of importance to what we see in the current music industry. First of all, it is important to note that the ability to create digital copies of tracks and then share them over the Internet or file sharing services, have reshaped not only the music industry but all of the Internet. It seems that Danger Mouse was a pioneer of their time.

It comes back to the idea in media that the limits can only be pushed so far. BUT once this limit is pushed someone is able to come along and take it to a new level that will not be questioned. A large part of this is that technology is creating entirely new outlets for sharing and distributing these forms of media. The important part of this is that it creates competition. When competition is created the large media conglomerates have to push the envelope themselves to keep their status.

Music groups that existed like Danger Mouse were large factors in making what we have today legal. In the case of The Grey Album the artist only mixed two popular artists' music together to create this masterpiece that was a mix between the work of Jay-Z and the Beatles. Due to modern technology and the loosening of legal stipulations groups like Girl Talk and the Super Smash Brothers are now even able to make a profit creating musical music consisting of hundreds of musicians original music on their mixes. is a link to a website that as they say have been pushing the limits of legal music for over a decade now. This is a group that has been very successful and groups like Danger Mouse and ALSO Technology have made this possible. The Internet and file sharing has created worries but also comfort for those creating and "acquiring" music off of the Internet. I think most of the problem that is seen with toady's society is that people honestly do not know what is legal and what is not. The idea that I am creating is that the issues that have come from the music industry is a lack of information. With more transparent and clear cut laws and expectations I think that the music industry would be more stable but until then, I expect there to be a large amount of controversy.

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