Sunday, February 12, 2012

Media Access Project

Media Access Project is a non-profit law firm organization to promote the public interest before the Federal Commission and the U.S. Courts over 38 years. Their mission is to have an open and diverse communication system that respects freedom of expressions of everyone so that no one will be excluded from the access to media outlets and telecommunication service.  To MAP, “public” does not mean only majority of the citizens; rather public refers to both minority and majority group or those who do not have access to media outlets.
The most difficult challenge MAP faces is probably defining what public means. Although it is pretty clear from their website that they are trying to include those minority groups or those who have no access to the media outlets, I do not think minority means public as majority does not mean public either. It seems like MAP is aware about it and trying to pursuit the pure democratic society, where every one of people can vibrantly participate in the society. But again, is there any "pure democracy" or what does "pure democracy" mean? This question can go on forever; however, what I am sure is every media outlet has very important role of public sphere where public interest can be expressed, and democratic society depends on media forms. Therefore, MAP is very important for the US democratic society.

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