Sunday, February 12, 2012

What does Legitimate Mean Anymore?

The Future of Music Coalition has a movement that they title, "On Artist Compensation." This is a movement where they are calling for a more "legitimate" system of digital music so that musicians can be compensated for their artistic talents. They argue that, the best way to encourage the growth of the legitimate digital marketplace is to participate in it directly.  What I found interesting was that they used YouTube as a legitimate media for consumption of music. The issue that I see with that is YouTube is a free service and the artists to not see any direct benefits from this source of media. It seems that there are still some kinks to be worked out in the digital music arena to make sure that artists are seeing the monetary results that they are owed. 
The Future of Music Coalition is very important for informing the public about the importance and safety of using legitimate sources of digital media. The issue of artists compensation is one that needs to be discussed further as we look into the future of what is becoming an entirely digital world. This movement serves an important collective purpose because it sends the visitors of this movement to articles such as, "The future of Digital Infrastructure and the Creative Economy", "New Business Models", "Principles for Artist Compensation", and etc. It is my opinion that more of this should be talked about in the major media to make this transition. It seems to be that there is a lot of money to either be made or lost by artists depending on some of the critical decisions that are made in the next few years. It seems as if the first issue that needs to be solved is the regulation of the internet. Artists are being hurt largely because music is so available on the internet which is clearly having a large regulation problem. People need to understand that being an artist is essentially a business and it has always been illegal to steal in America. It is my hope that movements like the one on Artists Compensation can catch some more major publicity and create change to make digital media a more "legitimate" business. 

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