Friday, February 17, 2012

The Demise Of Print Media

We are the digital generation, and we like news right away! So, what does this mean for the future of print media? One thing is for sure a grim future. Within the past few years big name print companies have had to hire a whole new sector to show the digital generation that their company is keeping up with the times.  Magazines, book companies and newspapers have been forced to go digital making apps for ipads, kindles and cell phones. Born into a generation that is consumed with having information right away old media systems have been forced to change into a more open and direct system.

For my final research proposal, I want to look into how the print media has been taken over by the digital world. After interning at Martha Stewart I was able to see at first hand how a media company had to revolutionize their company to keep up with the new generation to save their company. I will focus my research on the effects the digital media has had on companies and the change they have been forced into taking to survive in the business media world. Ultimately, through my research I would like to prove that print media is dying and the digital aspect has taken over. Through researching a few big companies like the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart and Random House publishing, I will look at these companies’ shifts into the digital media world from print. Finally I will show how the print media has been taken over by digital generation demands. 

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  1. Very interesting Kelly! One thing you could look into could be how print media is trying to stay relevant. As a subscriber to ESPN Magazine, I can say they stayed relevant to me by giving subscribers to their magazine added advantages online for free. Certain articles could only be read by customers with a subscription to the magazine and they were often some of the best ones. This perk was enough to have me continue subscribing.