Friday, February 24, 2012

Pacts: Convienience yet a demise?

The arrangements that are held by different Hollywood studios, companies and individuals, regarded as pacts. The successful production and distribution of films is difficult and so it's understandable to see the convenience and appeal of these pacts across different various actors responsible for the production of films. For those companies that are part of a these "pacts"a lot is gained from producing films using this structure.

The continual usage of successful companies allows for security in the creation, distribution and marketing of the film. With successful producers, recognized production studios and successful marketing, it is not a surprise that this structure has been created amongst industry players to allow for effective ways to create films. There is also economic security in utilizing pacts in the creation of films. Wasko outlines these economic gains when telling us what categorizes pacts.  The industry has a whole is effected by this systematized method, creating an economically driven film industry.

Pacts are not without consequences however. The set structure and companies that are used under these pacts changes the ability for the creation of truly independent films, mostly due to economic limitations. Financiers are more willing to go with films that may be seen as proven due to it's creation within a pacts. Similarly, the text is also influences by the continuous creation of films through pacts. With the constant complains of repetitive story lines and special effects in movies, it is not surprise when considering the production of films with in pacts.

Pacts strongly effect the way that film-making process occurs. It is evident that it's structure allows for confidence in the creation and distribution of films. Yet the very nature of pacts questions the ability to create films that are new, fresh and unlike previous ones.

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