Sunday, February 12, 2012

Copyright and the Future of Music Coalition

The Future of Music Coalition is an organization that promotes the fair compensation for musical artists and accessibility of songs fans want.  An issue that has plagued the music industry since the creation of Napster is the intersection of technology and the business of music.  As we have discussed in class the music industry seems perpetually behind the curve when it comes to solutions to illegal downloading of music both in government policy and industry developed solutions to prevent the loss of revenue from free downloading.  What is interesting on their stance on copyright policy is that they are in favor of making sure that copyright laws are enforced, however, they also believe that the artist should have a say in how their intellectual property is used and distributed.  As we discussed in our class this past week it is not always the artist that owns the copyright to their intellectual property.  This becomes an interesting issue for the organization because this message could be considered contradictory as a result of the rights to music not always protecting the artist of the intellectual property.
I think it is important that FMC does support the artists decision of how their intellectual property should be handled, but I think they should approach this issue from a different perspective.  Instead of focusing on copyright being enforced while also considering what the artist wants, the FMC should instead tackle the issue of copyright that do not give the artist of the intellectual property any rights to their songs after the rights are sold, or do not have the rights to their songs to begin with. I think that if the first step in this important issue is to change the copyright laws to reflect the interests of the artist, and then be able to more effectively tackle issues of piracy because artists can dictate how their work should be distributed to have the best experience for themselves and their fans.  With this stance on such an important issue to the evolution of the music industry FMC will have a aggressive and strong platform that is reflective of their mission statement, which promotes the fair compensation for musical artists and accessibility of songs fans want.

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