Thursday, September 15, 2011

With the Click of a Button

It used to be a phenomenon that you could click a button on a large box (usually in your family room) and watch a few channels for hours on end. Then it became incredible that you could use your laptop to click a link that lead you to the most recent television episode you’d missed. Now we are able to click a button on our “smart phones” and instantly watch a television clip or even a full show. What is next? What button will we be pushing next to lead us to our end goal of watching a television show anywhere and whenever we want?

Curtin describes our current media era as the “media matrix”. Media industries have had to adapt to the way in which audiences want to engage with television and media as a whole. In an era of high speed Internet, “smart phones”, and the need to have everything at a click of button media industries where required to alter their approach in order to keep up with the times. The article gave an example about the Bravo network and more specifically the television show Top Chef. They explained that not only do they air the show on cable but now have a website that provides recipes, games, blogs, and additional mobile content. Top Chef went a step further and developed products that they promote (cookbooks) and open forums online where their views can interact with judges, contestants, and other fans.

The “media matrix” shows the demands and expectations that are put on media industries to provide viewers with the newest, most efficient, and up to date services. Years ago our parents were fascinated that you would watch a show through a box in your living room, now we expect to get every show and movie at the touch of a button. While it is exciting for industries to redeveloped and provide their consumers with the “newest” products, it makes you think – where will we be in 10 years? What will we be expecting of media industries?

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