Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet and the Music Industry...

The Internet today, as we’ve discussed in class, relatively controls the music industry. With these new innovations we’ve come across for downloading music, it has become a free and easy way to purchase what us, consumers, want. The use of the Internet has also boosted new and different ways of getting music out to the public. Artists can now release their music right after its completed in the studio, show videos from youtube or social media websites, or simply allow fans to follow them on twitter.

For my project, I’d like to explore the impact of internet downloading in the music industry, and how it’s changed the industry forever. I will explore numerous issues concerning copyright infringement, the effect of the internet on several different types of artists, and whether or not the Internet has changed the music industry for the better. How has this uproar in music websites and online downloading affected the way that well known artists make money? How has the Internet changed the way we enjoy and listen to music? We used to listen to about 5-10 of our favorite artists, but I feel like now I have about 35 if not more. Is this because of the availability we are exposed to online? Do I like the fact that YouTube pretty much knows what I will want to listen to next.

There is so much about the Internet that affects the way we listen, download, and discover new music. I think this project can shed light on the full extent to which these aspects of our music are being affected by the Internet, and how it was so different before.


  1. I really like this idea because I think its incredible to look at how we consume music has changed within even the last five years. It would be really interesting to explore how YouTube has become a place for music as opposed to just internet videos. I think it would also be interesting to look at how different genres of music have been created to satisfy the diverse audiences that the internet allows artists to reach (for example, how dubstep has become mainstream because of music blogs and internet buzz completely outside of record company influence).

  2. I really like this idea because it is not focusing solely on illegal music downloading in the music industry. itunes although not the dominant force, is still a popular source for music downloading. As you said, we now are able to download individual songs rather than the entire cd. This increases the amount of exposure we have to artists. I really how the focus is on the artist themselves. Internet music downloading affects artists differently. It would be interesting to compare the affect on a well known artist and an up and coming unknown artist.

  3. The way we listen and view music is changing, no one will argue with that. What is going to be happening in ten, twenty years from now? Lukas, what if you could focus on different genres of music, and see what genre or type of music is gaining or losing the most in the piracy and internet battle. With all the class talk on media corporations and record labels I think you are going to have a lot of information to use.

  4. The internet really has changed the way people download music. I remember when I was in middle school and my early years of high school I did almost all of my downloading from Itunes, I had rarely heard of people illegally downloading music. But then I got introduced to lime wire and from then on I have barley bought music. From lime wire to a simple youtube converter it is so easy to download music illegally and for free. Every once in a while I will actually buy it on Itunes, but it is just very interesting to see the path that music industry has taken, because of the internet.