Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading Question #1, Turow's approach

The third approach to studying media industries is found in Joseph Turow’s “power roles” framework. This approach is much different from the other two. It deals not with the study of the political economy or the production of cultural studies, but instead it takes a look at the power roles framework. It also takes into consideration the audience and public, which is very important because they are the one’s who are consuming the media. Turow conceptualizes power as to how an organization use’s its resources to gain agreement with another organization. He try’s to encompass everything and everybody that goes into the production of media and how they use their power to gain control of another organization. I Think Turow gets it right, he describes his approach with a quote, “the use of resources by one organization to gain compliance by another organization” I think is a great way to study media. How companies get other people to comply by using all facets of the organization is very interesting and useful information. Although I liked this approach to studying the media, studies of the political economy and of the culture are extremely important as well. All three studies are needed to have thorough studies conducted about the media industries.

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