Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Beginning of a New and (somewhat error proof) Improved Era

Take a quick look around your room. How many devices keep you connected to the media? More specifically, television media. There is the TV, DVR, DVD, Smart Phone (Backberry iPhone, Droid), laptop, desktop, iPad, iTouch, and many more. With these simple devices it is easy to watch our favorite TV shows with the touch of a button and any time we please. It may come as a shock to many, but this has not always been the case. Because with a company like Apple, every update we become even more connected to our favorite TV character.

Curtin describes “matrix media” as our current technological era. From our origins in the “classical era” (complete domination by only three companies), we have immerged into the “matrix era”. Media companies are now forced to keep up with the latest trends in TV distribution. Whether it is handheld, DVR, online, or DVD, these companies must keep up with the fast pace in order get ahead or just simply keep up with the game. Networks now have online replay sites, blogs, interactive websites, and niche networks in order to reach their audience base. NBC, CBS, and ABC have had to completely rework their systems that have deemed successful in the past. This new era we, as consumers, have created has brought prosperity and turmoil to our beloved networks.

I say “we” have created this distress because the networks are constantly trying to keep up with our needs as the audience and consumer. To touch back on the connection between networks, audience, and advertisers, in this instance the consumers are in control. As consumers, we are looking for the newest and most accessible form of technology and the advertisers are following where we go. In the reading, Curtin discusses how NBC’s viewer base was plummeting fast. Audiences were turning to more niche networks that offered them more perks. For this reason NBC, touched into not only cable but web services. This was necessary for their survival. This is an example of a company’s fear towards technological change but how they were able to use it as a catalyst for their business. I hate to say it but as consumers we want what is in the palm of our hand, and every one needs to keep up.

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