Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google+: A Game Changer?

For my research paper I would like to look at Google’s newest addition, Google+. Google+ is a social networking site that was recently released by the worlds number one search engine. It just finished the testing phase where one would have to be invited by current users, to being available for everyone. What I hope to achieve in doing this research is to: accurately understand the capabilities of this new social networking site, if its will overthrow facebook as the #1 social network, and how google+ and googlecloud may revolutionize the way we communicate within the world.

To fully understand the research, a proper background on the rise of Google will be important. While there were search engines before them, no one was able to return the accuracy of hits like Google does. I also want to examine the uniqueness of their corporation. While I hope this part of my exploration will not detract to far from the media side of the paper, I believe this is how they became such a dynamic company and decided to take on facebook with their own networking site. I will create a google+ account in order to understand the features of the site as well as the pros and cons against facebook. People are in information overload and do not have time for two separate networking sites. One company will win while the other will become next myspace. Google is also releasing their cloud computing system in the spring. This is not the first cloud released but with all the features of google and now the addition of google+ it will be really interesting to see how far this company will be able to grow. While I may not be able to give definite answers, I hope with this paper creates a clearer picture of the social networking world in the next year.


  1. As you know Google is sticking their fingers in all parts of the media industry, telecommunications with their purchase of Motorola, GoogleTV is trying to make a strike at the future of television by introducing prime web browser Google Chrome to Smart TV, and now social media with Google+. It seems like there should be some regulations cracking down on Google as it looks to becoming more of a monopoly. Maybe you could look into some of those issues.

  2. Alex, the success of google is fascinating. As you said there are plenty of other search engines but none have seen the success as google has. I worked for a media company this summer and google was the prominent search engine used. The company choose to use this site because it has the best rates for most relevant results. One idea to explain this is because google has an algorithm that they change constantly enough that people aren't able to "catch" on. As you do more research you may find that this is relevant or not but it will be interesting to know why other search engines have not caught on or altered their algorithms as well.

  3. I think this is a great idea. Google+ is something that I have heard of but am completely unfamiliar with. I think the way you are approaching this topic is a great idea starting with the background of what exactly this program is. Creating and using your own Google+ account will bring a different more personal perspective. It would be interesting to know what you, someone in the target audience, thinks of the new program and if you can see it taking over. What is Google doing differently from other popular social media sites? I am looking forward to hearing your research