Monday, November 7, 2011

A Trip to the Movies: An Experience

Nowadays with the technology that makes watching a movie from your couch easier than going anywhere else, movie theaters must differentiate their product by creating an experience, and not just a movie. The physical film can be watched in a number of different ways: online, on demand, illegally, or through a gaming system. Theaters have to deal with this problem today more than ever before with the changing technology and the consumers desire for immediate content. In order to deal with these phenomena, movie theaters have created more than just a movie, but an experience that is worth just as much to the consumers as seeing the film itself. Studio 35 and Arena Grand have done this in their own unique ways.

Studio 35, the oldest independent movie theater in Columbus, has coupled its business to be a theater as well as a drafthouse. This unique combination will attract a whole different audience that may not go to ordinary theaters, but choose this one for their beer tastings and interesting brews. Also, this theater re-shows popular shows that consumers have fallen in love with, for example Office Space is being shown this week during a beer tasting, so people can see a movie they love and try out a few different beers. Arena Grand has also created an experience different than normal movie theaters with a wider range of food at their bistro. Typically you can get popcorn, candy, and a soda at a movie theater, but not Arena Grand. You can get a full meal at their bistro that serves wraps, subs, salads and more. Aside from the food, Arena Grand also offers space for meetings and private screenings, a service not provided by most theaters. In the end, creating an experience that is more than just a movie is the best way for these theaters to make the greatest profit and keep consumers coming back again and again.

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