Monday, November 7, 2011

The Experience of the Movie Theatres

As the reading said, movies theaters need to differentiate themselves from viewing movies at home. Technology has began to make this more difficult for theaters to do, so the theater will depend more on building an experience around the movie than simply offering a new movie. These days people can see movies through many different avenues almost immediately after they are released and very often for free. Depending on if the way the view the movie is illegal or not. The theaters we are visiting seem to have taken two different approaches to building an experience for the consumers. This experience has to completely make up for the high costs of the movie at the theaters since consumers can see the same basic movie at home for free. Therefore the consumers are basically paying for the experience itself, not simply the movie content.

Looking at the websites for the two theaters it is clear these two theaters Arena Grand and Studio 35 have taken two different approaches when attempting to build this experience. Arena Grand seems to be the more mainstream theater as it offers a wide variety of movies at many different times. These movies are also the more recently released movies which continues to draw in new consumers. This is also one of the most popular theater in Columbus. The other theater has had to go about building this experience in a completely different way due to the size of the theater. So Studio 35 builds this experience by providing different opportunities for the consumers. They do not have the variety of movies so consumers don't have that choice. However, Studio 35 draws people in because it is connected to a drafthouse, so consumers are able to drink while they view the movies. This is a completely different experience than most theaters these days. Studio 35 also shows older movies such as Office Space which is clearly offering something different than the other theaters who are worried about always having the most up-to-date movies.

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