Monday, November 28, 2011

Edge and Media Demographics

After reading Havens and Lotz it is clear that "edge" can be found throughout many media industries. They discuss "edge" as being media texts or genres which can clearly establish taste boundaries between different demographic groups. Using this definition of "edgy" one type of media jumps out at me, this form of media would be music. Music has many different genres but there is typically one clear demographic audience for each genre of music. This is for a few different reasons.

In the music industry there are many different genres which are usually aimed at reaching a particular audience, so the definition Havens and Lotz gives could be applied directly to this example. Different musics can be aimed directly at reaching a certain audience for a few reasons. The first way music is able to do this is by writing songs which can relate directly to the audience. Lyrics can be about topics which people within the target audience can connect with. This can be said about any type of music Rap or country music for examples connect with their audiences in this sense. For example country music more easily relates with people coming from a more rural demographic; rap music would reach a more urban audience. This is due simply to the ideas which a reflected in the music. Music industries also have age demographics, older people like different types of music than younger audiences. So music would be one type of media which depending on the genre can really be enjoyed by a certain type of audience or demographic.

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