Monday, November 28, 2011

The Edge of Louie

When we think of something edgy, we think of something that is distinct. It has its own uniqueness, and while it may be comparable to other things, it has its own flavor. When looking at the most edgy media texts, people either love them or hate them. In this sense, edgy media texts often have a very focused, sometimes narrow, audience.

Cable television channels seem to be more welcoming to edgy programming than broadcast channels, simply because of the necessity of broadcast networks to gather a larger audience. It seems that most broadcast networks stick to the least edgy programming that they can find in order to attract the greatest audience possible. Many advertisers love edgy programming, because the demographic is well-known and focused to a certain type of people. Advertisers know that they won't be wasting their money.

One of the most edgy channels on television, in my opinion, is FX. Many of FX's prime time shows are created for niche audiences and have loyal followers. Examples of FX's edgy programming include Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Louie, and Wilfred. The specific example that I am going to talk about is Louie. Louie is a show based on the life of a comedian, Louie C.K. The show basically goes into awkward and strange situations and Louie pokes fun at those situations. What makes this program edgy is the sarcastic and depressing tone to the entire series, which can make some people laugh and make some people change the channel.

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