Monday, November 7, 2011

Movie Theater as an Experience

Researching the two websites of the movie theaters, Arena Grand and Studio 35, reiterated the Drake reading about how going to the movies has become more of an experience. What I said in my previous post completely applies to these two theaters. Because of the price and distance, movie theaters are forced to offer more than just a movie and popcorn to entice audience members to pay to see movies in a theater. These two movie theaters have taken interesting approaches to keeping ticket sales up. The Arena Grand theater is the more mainstream of the two. It offers a wide variety of up to date movies and was voted "Best Theater" in Columbus. What entices audiences is the Bistro/Bar they have at the theater. The Bistro does not have your typical movie theater food but rather more gourmet options. Audience members can not only snack during the movies but they can do dinner and a movie all in one place. And for those of age, the Arena Grand has a bar for movie goers.

Studio 35 deems itself as a "Cinema and Drafthouse". This is an interesting take on a movie theater because on certain nights they offer beer tasting and a movie. This more independent theater is reaching out to a specific consumer group. These two theaters, although different in size and movie selection, have completely complied to the idea that going to the movies is about creating an experience for audiences. Because people can easily stay in the comfort of their homes for movie viewing, it is pertinent that movie theaters offer something unique; something that is only available at their theater. I think it would be interesting to hear from representatives at each theater to see if these added bonuses have increased sales at the theater and if they are worried for the future of the movie theater as an institution.

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