Tuesday, November 1, 2011

While theatre differ in ticket prices the movies offered within the theatres do not alter. An Indy film costs just as much as a blockbuster to the excited movie go-er. For this reason the filmmakers play a gamble – they are either about to far exceed their budget in ticket sales or not make enough to compensate for their spending’s. On of the five peculiarities of Hollywood films are in fact that all ticket prices are the same despite the cost of films.

This peculiarity can be a good thing because the first weekend for blockbuster hits is such an attraction for people that millions flock to the movies, ultimately resulting in huge ticket sales for the filmmakers. On the other side smaller (cheaper) films do not initially draw the audiences in so their money is made more gradually (if at all) over time. In these cases the risk of peculiarity is diminished. But it cannot happen without marketing. Marketing for movies are the reasons why individuals know to go to the movies in the first place. Where they are marketed and how makes a big difference for the viewers, for some movies their trailers are on television every other commercial. While some have merchandise that attracts the audiences. In the end it doesn’t matter what brings the masses to the theatres – filmmakers are just glad they came and paid for their ticket. Ultimately that money will help offset the cost for the film.

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