Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Theatre Experience

"Admission might buy the social experience of cinemagoing rather than to see a particular film" as a peculiarity of Hollywood films is a very interesting and relevant one to how I view going to movies. One of the greatest things about the movie theater and what they thrive on the most is the experience created for the audience. Buying a ticket, sitting in a comfortable chair staring at a big screen with popcorn and candy. For my entire life going to the movies has been seen as a treat. Something that does not happen all the time and when it does you splurge. But this has positive and negative affects on the movie industry.

The experience people have at a movie theatre is important but the main part of the experience is the actual movie. If an audience is not excited to see a movie than that experience is shot. That is were the importance of marketing comes in. Without a team of marketers, like Kacey Hagler, audiences would be more content (than they already are) to stay in the comfort of their homes for their movie viewing experience. But marketing gets an audience exciting to not only see a movie but to see a movie in the movie theatre. Their job is to make it seem like the movie theatre is the best place to see their movie. It is apparent that there is a interconnected relationship between how the marketing team can positively and negatively affect the turn out of an audience to a movie theatre. I am looking forward to learning from the managers at the movie theatre their take on this relationship.

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