Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Walking Dead: Exposure and Ratings

AMC decided to allow Gateway to screen The Walking Dead on a weekly basis for a variety of reasons. As we have discussed this year, the concept of distribution is a tricky one these days and the promotion of television shows is becoming difficult. Networks need to think of different ways to promote their shows and promote them in a more effective manner than the competition. This example is a technique used by AMC to spread the shows popularity, and expand availability to a larger audience. Although it may not contribute to the series’ ratings, it promotes the show in different ways. More people are likely to attend the viewings and then follow the show later as the series progresses. It grabs the attention of a larger audience, and this larger audience then becomes attuned to keep following the shows progression. This larger audience is also inclined to then promote the show to family and friends, and the show is networked this way.

AMC attracts a larger audience and fan following for the show, and Gateway is able to make money off this promotional strategy. Considering The Walking Dead is the only show available at the screenings, people are forced to invest their attention towards this show and this show alone. It gives the show an advantage over other shows where these screenings are not possible. The increase of the shows popularity in turn is reflected on future ratings and the shows ratings are likely to increase. For this reason, AMC decided it would be profitable and intelligent for these screenings to happen, and I’m sure Gateway was in no opposition to AMC suggestion to do so.

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