Monday, December 5, 2011

Musicians Partnership with Advertisers

There has been a notable increase of musicians licensing their music for use in the advertisement industry. This increase is most prevalent in the daily commercials that we see on TV. For example, Snoop Dog’s music is featured in a Sundrop soda commercial, music from Chris Brown is featured in a Doublemint gum commercial and Rihanna’s music is featured in a Nivea skin care commercial to name a few (click links to view commercials).

The ability for musicians to use their creative works for advertising products allows them to reach a targeted audience, as well as a way of marketing themselves. For example, Nivea is a very popular skin care line and when consumers of Nivea here Rihanna’s music in the background, this might spark their interest in Rihanna’s music. Also anyone who is a fan of Rihanna's that does not use Nivea, will be more likely to buy Nivea products in the future. The musicians work does not only benefit the artist but it also benefits the sales of the product. Implementing music in the backdrop of commercials is a creative way to increase both music and product sales. This creative practice in particular can also have a negative effect on the product. For example, during the Chris Brown and Rihanna scandal, the Doublemint contract with Chris Brown was canceled because of the legal situations. Wrigley’s feared that their product sales would decrease because it was associated with Chris Brown.

Moreover, artist turn to licensing their music for use in the advertisement industry as a new source of profit/ income. The music industry as a whole has taken an economic down fall due to technological advances including the ability to pirate and peer share music. Both the artist and the label are loosing economically thus they are forced to find ways to make profit. In this case they make money from the advertisers. In all the musicians partnership with advertisers has become succesfull.

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