Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Partnership Destined for Success

Music is a media industry that has experienced a significant amount of change over the past ten years. With this change has come the creativity of musicians to get their songs out to the public and hope for a large enough ‘buzz’ to generate revenue (the ultimate goal). Thus the economic condition and desire to sell songs has lead musicians to creating partnerships with advertisers. Through licensing music to advertisers, musicians are able to make a profit off select songs and advertisers are able to have a ‘catchy’ tune to help attract viewers to watch their commercial.

This partnership is incredibly useful for both parties and helps with the exhibition and distribution practices for both the advertisers goods and the musician’s music. Especially because with audiences ability to fast forward through commericals, pressure rises for advertisers to create attractive commericals. Popular music helps to catch the attention of the audience. Additionally, the two work together to create a commercial with music appropriate for the target audience/consumer in hopes of both the product and music being purchased. Finally, this partnership helps musicians enter further into the television industry, developing a new form of distribution.

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