Monday, December 5, 2011

Music in Advertising

Our constantly evolving media driven society is now implementing popular songs into mainstream TV commercials. As we have discusses in class, this is just another example of how different forms of media and technology are overlapping and becoming a part of one another. This not only benefits the product that is being advertised but also the artist featured in the advertisement. The ads become personal and memorable for the audience and therefore they are more prone to remember the song in correlation to the product it is representing. A few examples of popular songs in ads are:

These are ads that I personally have seen, remembered, and wondered: “What is the name of the song from that commercial?” This is exactly the point of this strategy. As a consumer I remembered the product featured in the commercial and downloaded the song featured in the commercial. This is an example of a commercial mandate. The goal of this media is to create profit for the product and the chosen artist. Profit for the product and the artist are interconnected. A popular song from a popular artist is more likely to catch the attention of the audience. Songs are picked specifically depending on the product and the audience in which it is targeting. This also translates into the relationship between economic and technological mandates. In my opinion adding popular songs to commercials is a new development in technology which leads to an increase in economic capital and profit.

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