Monday, December 5, 2011

Commercial Mandates and Innovative Distribution for AMC's "The Walking Dead"

The Gateway Film Center in Columbus shows AMC's The Walking Dead on their big screen for a commercial mandate. The three party system of the producer, the advertiser, and the consumer each offer something to another. The producers and the advertisers are giving the content to the consumer for their attentive "eyeballs." The content on the screen is already paid for by the advertiser and by putting it in the movie theater, the advertisers are guaranteed each person watching The Walking Dead to sit through every commercial because they can't change the channel. Even though it won't be recorded by the Nielsen Company, chances are it wasn't going to be recorded by them anyway, since the Nielsen survey size is actually quite small anyway.

Also, AMC's The Walking Dead is played in the theater in Columbus because it is an innovative strategy of distribution. It places the viewer into a movie theater experience which encourages them to watch the programming as well as buy food and beverage from the movie theater. The movie their is providing free admission to the viewers in hope that they buy a ticket to another movie and/or spend their money on popcorn and refreshments. This strategy is a win-win situation for all three party members. The advertisers are getting their guaranteed eyeballs to watch each commercial. The AMC is paid for the content by the advertisers. The consumers are getting their favorite TV content. And the movie theater is reaching viewers and gaining an audience in hope that consumers by other movie tickets and refreshments.

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