Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Netflix Could Teach Hollywood

The article I read explains that Hollywood chooses movies to promote that they feel will be aimed at the majority. A common misconception is that of the 6o,000 titles available on Netflix only 1,000 are rented a day. This is far from the truth, Netflix calculated that 35,000 to 40,000 movies are rented from the selection each day. The article goes on to explain that while Hollywood only promotes certain movies, audiences are looking for a wider selection to view. With Netflix's ability to house over 60,000 titles it proved to be far more effective then video stores who were limited to how many movies could be shelved.
While Netflix is still evolving and making improvements to help please their critics, it has proven to be an important step forward in the media industry. No longer will movies be forgotten or eliminated because of Netflix!

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  1. Great post, Kate--thanks! You're right that Netflix (and iTunes/Amazon/etc., in the case of music) have completely changed the patterns of distribution/exhibition and also the economic structure of the film industry. It's now possible to find an audience for your film outside of the traditional system of distribution & exhibition. Your statistics on how many titles are requested daily is fascinating--that would certainly indicate that this new system has real potential!