Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Decade Later: The Paley Center for Media Remembers September 11

A Decade Later: The Paley Center for Media Remembers September 11

A decade later, the tragedy of September 11th has not only shaped our hearts but also our news media. The article posses the question, why we as a nation and other media sources should celebrate/honor a day when we were attacked. But then follows up with the notion that news media and television shows have significantly changed after the 9/11 attacks.

I found this article interesting because it marks a historical change in our daily media. As the article stated, prior to the attacks we did not here much about Taliban or Al-Qaeda but it has now become apart of our everyday media. With that being said I also find it interesting how much power the media has over us viewers, the media will determine what is relevant to the American culture. This idea of relevancy leads me to my next point. The media is a great tool to stay updated in local and global events however I believe it can be very biases with the information shared. In all our media structures will continue to evolve overtime coinciding with global and local events.

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  1. Great points, Michelle--and an interesting "look back" article. In particular, your point that the media shape what we know and think about the world--and ourselves!--is absolutely accurate. In fact, it's the primary reason I think it's fascinating to study the media industries. As we'll talk about today in class, the ideological power of these industries is enormous, and that's one key reason it's important to learn more about them.