Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DreamWorks Animation partners with China's leading online video site

This article discusses Kung Fu Panda and other DreamWorks productions being put on the popular chinese video site Other companies such as Warner Bros. have already agreed to put up many of their films as well. All of these films are being sold for under a dollar to combat piracy in China. China is merging with Hollywood still further by adopting 3-D technology as well as co-financing new films.

This article was interesting to me because it shows how Hollywood and the film industry is going global. With this merge with China it may not be long before foreign films become more widespread throughout the United States. What was really interesting to me was the method has chosen to combat piracy. They are selling these films for prices like 46 or 77 cents to stop people from buying the bootlegged versions. In this way they are making the industry once again receive profit but it may also have other consequences. DVD sales are one of the major ways a film can make money. With more and more films becoming available online for a cheaper cost, the loss will be felt in the DVD sales and force the film industry to look for alternative means for profits. The internet is changing the film industry and now the film industry is using this new tool to expand and change the way the market works.

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  1. Great points, Kate! You're right that the film industry is really changing--modes of financing are changing, as well as systems of production, distribution and exhibition. The long-term effects of these changes remain to be seen, of course, but it's definitely important to keep an eye on it!