Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tyler, The Creator Wins Top Artist at VMA's


I found this article via fox news and it caught my attention for several reasons. First off, I've been a fan of Tyler, the Creator (an up and coming hip hop artist) for a while now, and was following him far before he made a real name for himself in the industry. Also, the article does make a good point...not many people have heard of him, and his song was not high scoring on the charts. The article was short and to the point, but the point was well made...

The article starts with explaining lady gaga's oddities, which are always amusing, and then asks the reader whether or not anyone has ever heard of this rapper. The real question, in my opinion (and coming from a fan of Tyler, the Creator), was his song "Yonkers" really worthy of a top pick at the VMA's. The answer is up for debate, but I really don't think its a yes. I like his music, but its a little strange and dark and I've recently heard several other artists who've made more of an impression on me than him.

Regardless, I thought the article was interesting, and brings up a good point.

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  1. It's the perennial question when you're talking about awards shows: do you give the award based on popularity, or on artistic merit? It's tricky because, like all TV, awards shows want to bring in and please their viewers--and people like to see their favorites win! At the same time, when you're a voter for these awards, you want to give it to someone/something you think really deserves it--and that's not always the most popular.

    I don't know Tyler the Creator (the first I heard of him was when Katie Holmes said his video scared her as she presented the award for video of the year), but I'm curious whether you think the song has that artistic merit or not--I know you said other songs have made more of an impression on you, but why?