Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Social Media Giants


Giants Bring Twitter To Games, Broadcasts

We've seen a lot of famous athletes light up Twitter recently, and now professional teams like the New York Giants are using the site to increase fan interaction before during and after games. Basically, the entire integration is an attempt to further connect the fans (who pay the organizational bills through their support) to the product on the field.

The Cleveland Indians case is similar, in that they are also using the social media site to connect the users more closely with the team that they follow.

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  1. It seems like every media institution has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon this summer! Don't know if you watch Project Runway, but in this new season, they're showing the "official" hashtags for each contestant when they show their name on-screen. I always wonder about this institutionalized use of Twitter--it almost seems too forced to work well. I think social media tends to work best when it's used organically by audiences--maybe people think, "Hey. Just because you TOLD me to do that, I'm NOT GONNA." (People are weird!)