Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wikipedia goes dark today!

   Test Post: With just a click you can find everything you want. Jim Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has decided that on Wednesday the 18th Wikipedia will go black for 24 hours, to show their opinion about the two bills trying to be based on the openness of online media.  The two new bills trying to be passed are urging for a more closed Internet.The first bill proposed puts search engines like google against the media business of film and music, which proclaims the need for the media industry of film and music have their intellectual property jobs protected. The last bill looks to block any type of foreign links people would click on to watch or listen to online media. Wales argues, that this bill will not effect the US sites and is not worth time to be drafted as a form of legislation because online users will keep looking for other sites. Later this semester I look forward to discussing privacy bills and intellectual property protection acts. Columbus Dispatch: section A7

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