Friday, January 20, 2012

iPad won't transform education just yet

iPad is trying to enter the field of education but there have been serious challenges in bringing this about. iPad is trying to bring a textbook experience and iBooks so that it can also be used in classrooms. Because of development in technology, laptops are more commonly used in the classrooms. Now, it is trying to move to the next level where the iPads will be used in the classrooms as well.

There are various challenges for this move as it needs to be within the budgets of the users. Simply purchasing iPads for the classrooms is not going to be sufficient because people should be able to buy the apps associated with the classroom program, and that also requires better internet connections. Questions about whether the device can be used outside the classroom also needs to be addressed while thinking about this change. Textbook availability within the iPad is also another issue currently being dealt with. The idea of bringing iPad to the mainstream is still far although it has advantages over the laptop is evident (longer battery life, less expensive to maintain, etc. )

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