Monday, January 30, 2012

Lotz Question 1

            According to Lotz's journal article, applying different types of theories and methods can help one to understand the process of "selling audiences" to particular types of media text.  Lotz's explains, that when studying media industries understanding the "cultural industries or cultural economy" provides a type of groundwork for production to frame its media text around. It other words, looking at the audience at a "micro-level"  helps media companies understand the audiences culture, therefore establishing a type of base for the the media text.  Media text can help shape a culture/ society by establishing a system that is not based on a top-down model but works to understand the culture to be able to produce a type of production. 
          With production established around types of culture norms, values and industry priorities, Upfront Presentations uses this to help shape their productions around this audience cultural framework.  With different cultural ideals framing the production, audiences end up applying these different media texts to there own culture / society, which in turns can reshape or recreate their culture.

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