Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hulu Introduces Original Series

Hulu announces the creation of the original series, "Battleground" a political mockumentary, the second original program created by the online television platform.  Hulu ,however is not alone. Online video platforms including Hulu, Netflix and Youtube are all continuing to fight for viewers and advertising dollars.

For Netflix and Hulu the choice to create original series stems from the heavy financial burden of the reliance both platforms have had on networks and studios for content. While both platforms have gained their popularity for providing viewers with shows from large production studios like NBC and ABC, the increasing changes in television viewership has made both these online platforms and larger studios reconsider their interests. The urge of networks and studios in maintaining the status quo (television shows watched on television) has created challenges in the distribution deals with online television platforms.

With one successful online series already, Hulu prepares to launch Battleground on February 14th.

Hulu original programming 'Battleground"

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