Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lists are good

I have done some preliminary research on the television for tomorrow's class. I think I got the easy one.

1. The primary revenue stream from broadcast television is, as we have discussed extensively in class, the money advertisers pay for spots on the network.
2. Much like the music industry, easy access to alternative forms of television broadcasts online are threatening broadcast television's revenue stream. More and more people are watching tv shows online, meaning advertising spots on live television are less enticing to advertisers. Additionally, with recording devices like Tivo, television watchers can fast forward through the commercials, making their value to advertisers less and in turn stripping profits from broadcast companies.
3. One way the industry is adapting is to put their shows online on their websites quickly, many times the day following their original airing. Broadcast networks can sell ad space on these videos in an attempt to make up the lost profits.
4. One shift that has occurred is that broadcasters have fewer advertisements online because they are afraid of tempering the budding online watching phenomenon. After all, one of the major reasons people enjoy online viewing is the minimal amount of time dealing with advertisements. Additionally, broadcasters can tailor their online advertisements to each individual consumer through online tracking programs. This will lead to viewers being more tolerant of online advertisements. As far as the content of the broadcast industry goes, it's hard to see a concrete change.
5. As you can see in the second linked article, broadcast companies have to adapt to this change in viewing or become obsolete. So my advice would be to provide as much content online as possible, as well as some content that is online exclusive, in order to keep consumers from viewing your shows on other illegal networks, and keep them watching the advertisements whose revenue you depend on to make a profit. As a profit making industry you have to follow the consumer flow, and that is definitely trending towards the online realm.
Showing more live television programs, like sports and talent shows is one way to keep people tuned in via the television and thus tuned into your advertisements. As an avid sports fan myself, i can say that watching a big sporting event the day after (especially) if you know what already happened can be downright pointless

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