Monday, October 10, 2011

Creative/ Commercial Clash

The Clash Havens and Lotz refer too between Creatives and Industry executives occurs when they are producing a show. Industry Executives input has to do with helping the development and circulation of their works. Creators create things with their own view and many times this is just their art. The clash occurs when the creator must present their project to the industry executive before it is published or airs. Industry Executives then offer their input on how the show could be more commercialized, the creator may or may not have to make the changes which are suggested by the executives.
There are many different things driving each of these people within their industries. Mandates can control what the executives are actually able to do in trying to produce possibly more risky shows. Many past examples may shape the way executives try to influence new shows, and they wont produce some due to the fact that similar shows have completely failed in the past. Certain instances simply blame the color of the cast versus the actual content of the show. So the clash occurs when new shows may be challenging norms and different from the usual successful show. However there could be many factors which actually change the success of the shows, executives tend to stray or try to change things which challenge the norms. Which would be the clash Roberts is referring to.

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