Monday, October 10, 2011

The Creative Commercial Clash

While reading Robert’s article I kept thinking about the documentary The Pixar Story and how different that company was from the rest of American film and media. Everyone has heard about how they came up with the idea for A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Wall-e at the same meeting, and that almost all of their movies have been smash hits (the exception being Cars 2). However, when I read Kung and Schuker’s article I began to notice the interplay between the creative aspect and the commercial aspect of Pixar. Robert’s claims that there is a happy medium where some of the more business people in production companies are actually pretty creative, and the creative people are actually pretty business driven. I see that in Pixar, but I feel like with the majority of production companies in Hollywood there is less of a happy medium and they are more focused on revenue. When you look at the Pirates of the Caribbean series, or the Fast and the Furious series there just seems to be less and less creativity. However, I like what Marvel is doing with their superhero movies, and instead of continuing to make sequels, they are bringing them all together for The Avengers.

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