Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new culture in media?

Grindstaff explains a media approach that takes into account all external factors that can influence a particular culture. In my opinion, her research in what she says is labeled “the production of culture school” is a strategy that pulls every aspect of the media industry together and how this full-circle industry influences the essential aspects of media culture. This strategy can productively analyze media culture because it does not place emphasis on just one section of media. It focuses on the big picture. For example, she does not solely factor in the distribution figures of a particular media text but she instead looks at how the media is shaped, what can influence cultural demands (such as race, gender) and what emotions are triggered from the media. It is important to consider these production practices because it helps the media text become more connected with its audience. In a sense, the approach that considers all aspects of media, including the audience, makes the media-to-audience relationship more intimate. In addition, this approach can lead to media with a strong foundation that is based not just on factual results but also on the power that is triggered by the emotions and reactions of its audience.


1. What is your relationship with MTV and the reality shows that they have over there?
2. I noticed the Justin Bieber documentary; were there any other artists that you targeted for a documentary like that?
3. This seems like a cheesy question, but in today’s economy, what advice would you give to someone looking to get into the media industry? Some people just say “take whatever you can get.” Does that apply/did that apply to you?

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