Monday, March 5, 2012

Magazine Industry

In 2011, 41.3 % of magazine publishing came from print advertising; however, although print advertising is still the most primal revenue, according to the online article written by Kaufman (2011), she says “Not surprisingly, publishers expect less of their revenue to come from print advertising and more from web advertising or online sponsorships”. Online advertising or online sponsorships have become more important recently because of the emergence and increase of online magazine and publishing thorough apps.  From my research, I have discovered that development of technology, specifically the emergence of iPad recently, has changed and influenced on magazine publishing industry enormously. Since iPad and tablet has become more popular, more people start purchasing apps or online magazines recently as Smith (2011) says “Whether on or odd the traditional web browser, many of the revenue-generating ideas are being influenced by a new age of apps”. It is important for the publisher to adapt themselves into this new technology because the more customers have started purchasing magazine online.  To fail to this adaptation is a fear for publishers and it is necessary for them to follow with this development of new technology.
One of the adaptations to the emergence of new technology magazine industry has done is, of course, creating their app so that more readers can reach through the app. Now it is their challenge for publishes to maintain the balance between online and print publishing, as Pytlak says, “Our publishing partners are trying to find, for their unique audience, what’s the right combination of print/digital, or what a price points – and what does a subscriber to one or the other, or both, actually have access to “. Some magazines even have chosen as their only digital content option (other than their websites), and it means that the reader has to visit the app store for his or her device (ex. iTunes Store) to download the app, and then likely will purchase the subscription to the magazine’s content though the app (Sivek, 2011). Because of this change, the content of magazine has to make adaption as well and it is becoming more important for the publishers to be familiar with new technology to make their content more appealing to the audience. The author of the article I found (“One Model for the Future of Magazine Publishing Holds Forth in Portland, Maine”) says now it requires for the publisher to be a good developer and also web designer as well and he or she says, “It is telling that in this new world of content production, print is just another “screen,” albeit a privileged one with very high-resolution (but low interactivity)” (2011).
If I were a CEO of magazine publishing company, I would also develop an app of our magazine. Since it is a digital form, it makes it more possible to actual interact with customer. I think it will utilize the customers if we utilize its function of touch-screen for the app so that the digital and print publishing can maintain its balance since their content become different and it attract different customers. For example, I would make it possible to touch on the product in the magazine on the screen, and it will show to the customer which store around him or her has the product with how much of the price now.

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