Saturday, April 28, 2012

Economic Conditions and Creative Practices in the Ad World

The advertising industry over time has done a great job of incorporating popular or appropriate music into their advertisements in order to attract the attention of the viewer. This is a very popular approach because in this case two parties gain and profit off of this partnership. The economics of this decision is a win win for the advertisers and the musician. This is because first of all, the artist is gaining profit for allowing the rights of their song to be in the advertisement. Second, The advertiser has reason to believe that this will net them more profit for making a successful ad. Essentially the musician is putting their product into an ad. In discussing economic conditions, Havens and Lotz say, "many in the advertising industry believe that product placement must be organic (seem natural or fit well) if it is to succeed." This is something that I agree with and one recent commercial that I can think of that does this better than anything is right here. This advertisement is for a new cell phone that comes with the beats audio. For this they incorporated a person walking down the street listening to music, so essentially they put in a catchy song to go with it. This song was provided by the new up and coming rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The creativeness of this advertisement and others like it benefits both parties. As I searched for this ad I saw all kind of tag lines asking for the song in the Verizon HTC commercial. First of all this creates product recognition and the advertiser gets recognition for that. Also, this allows Machine Gun Kelly to become more recognized and potentially sell more tickets on his recent tour or more singles of this song and others. This inclusion of music is what some would call a formula. In the creative practices section Havens and Lotz say, "We consider formulas to include the reliance on known attributes in design and production of a media text...that have proven successful in the past." This seems to be a formula that as I can remember Apple used to sell their ipods. This was one of the most successful advertising campaigns in my opinion where they showed colorful shadows listening to a new up and coming popular song. This not only was very successful for Apple and the iPod but also for the artists involved. You can see one of these commercials here. This is a model that seems to have stood the test of time and it is not a strategy I see going away anytime soon. Overall it is a great model in which the advertisers and musicians both win.

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